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Our services

Consulting on strategic planning, strategic marketing, organizational development, leadership and management, and other subjects.

Presentations, workshops, and keynote addresses

Training courses

Consulting and resource packages for small organizations

Printed versions of our leadership guides and workbooks

Consulting services

  • Consulting is at the core of what we do. We offer a full range of consulting services in all phases of planning, marketing, and leadership development—guidance, surveys, design, facilitation, and implementation. We have consulted on strategic planning for many organizations whose reach extends from local communities to 30 countries. As we stated on our Home page, we believe the keys to world-changing success are effective strategies, marketing, and leadership. Though we can consult on a broad range of topics, these three subjects are the core of our expertise. That’s why we’ve written eight guides and workbooks on them.
  • Strategic planning. One of our primary services is helping organizations design breakthrough strategic plans using our unique approach to strategic planning.
  • Strategic marketing. We also help our clients better understand, engage, and serve those who determine their success—their target audiences. Most world-changing organizations should be able to make major gains in performance by adopting our approaches to strategic marketing and branding.
  • Organizational development. Because our organizational development services draw from a number of disciplines, we can easily tailor them to your organization’s specific challenges while at the same time help you create a great place to work. They include, among other things, helping your leaders and managers adopt better ways to lead and manage your world-changing organization. We have extensive experience helping leaders and managers shift from traditional, top-down organizational structures to higher-performing, team-based ones. To cite but one other example, we also have helped many organizations streamline their operations to better serve their clients, save money, and create great places to work.

Presentations, custom workshops, and keynote addresses

  • Presentations. We make presentations at leadership meetings, retreats, and annual gatherings on world-changing strategy, marketing, and leadership. One of our key presentations is Discovering What Supports, Produces, and Drives Your Success—And Why Knowing This Can Help You Change the World! It introduces our unique approach to helping organizations become more successful at delivering on, funding, and building support for their missions and organizations. We tailor our presentations to address an organization’s specific needs and goals. Our presentations range from a 45-minute overview of our world-changing approach followed by a short Q&A to longer presentations that might kick off a two-day workshop at an annual retreat.
  • Custom Workshops. We design workshops for our clients’ meetings, conferences, retreats, and annual gatherings. Topics include: What’s holding us back from being more successful? What’s driving our success and how can we strengthen our key drivers of success? Do our strategies pre-date the digital age—are we employing the best strategies to carry out our mission and support our organization? Why is it so difficult to raise more money? Do we stand out from the herd of other organizations in our filed or blend into it? Do we really understand who and what our organization is? How can we better serve our clients and generate more revenues?
  • Keynote Addresses. We present highly entertaining keynote addresses on a range of topics. Contact us for more information.


  • We offer a wide range of highly rated training courses on many subjects crucial to world-changing organizations. See our Training web page for a list of our training courses and to download our Training Catalog.

Consulting and resource packages for small organizations

  • We offer resource packages on planning, marketing, and management to small organizations that can’t afford to hire their own consultant. Our planning package, for example, includes consultation, planning guides and workbooks, internal and external surveys, and step-by-step planning process tailored to small organizations—all at a very reasonable price.

Printed leadership guides and workbooks

  • We print our guides and workbooks on 28-lb paper and 80-lb cover stock. We punch and spiral bind them using heavy industrial punch binders. You could help us defray our ‘opportunity costs” associated with the years we spent researching and developing the ideas and tools in these guides by buying our printed leadership guides. We charge $25 for each printed guide and workbook you order, which includes free shipping in the US and Canada.