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Our Training Courses

You will find a list our training courses below.
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Our Training Catalog

Describes all our training courses.
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List of Our Training Courses

Strategic Planning

Introduction to Strategic Planning

Strategic Marketing

Introduction to Strategic Marketing

Introduction to Branding

Leadership and Management

Introduction to Leading a World-Changing Organization

Introduction to Managing World-Changing Staff and Projects

Quality Improvement

Introduction to Quality Improvement

Scientific Tools for Process Improvement


Practical Statistics in the Workplace

Team Building

Introduction to Teams

Introduction to Self-Managed Teams

Team First Aid: Team Revitalization

Team Skills Training Program

Team Skills 101: Team Awareness Training

Module 1. Introduction to Teams for New Members

Module 2. Team Dynamics—Learning to Work Together

Module 3. Effective Communication, Active Listening, and Feedback Skills

Team Skills 102: Team Preparation Training

Module 4. Team Charter: Purpose, Scope, and “Rules of the Road”

Module 5. How to Run Effective Meetings

Module 6. Brainstorming, Multivoting, Nominal Group Technique, and Consensus Decision Making

Module 7. Problem Solving Skills

Team Skills 103: Basic Process Improvement Training

Module 8. Mapping and Analyzing Critical Work Processes

Module 9. Improving Internal Supplier and Customer Relations

Module 10. Basic Scientific Tools for Process Improvement

Team Skills 104: Advanced Process Improvement Training

Module 11. Advanced Scientific Tools for Process Improvement

Module 12. Basic Statistics for Process Improvement

Team Skills 105: Advanced Team Skills for Long-term Teams

Module 13. Conflict Resolution for Long-term Teams

Module 14. The Inner Game and Subtle Issues of Long-term Teams

Customer Service

Understanding and Improving Customer Service

Change Management

Off-site Team Building Retreat for Leadership Teams and Work Units

Communication and Conflict Resolution

Sharpening Your Communications Skills at Work

Practical Guide to Conflict Resolution at Work